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Submitted on
May 3, 2009
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The rain pours down
Washing all this away
Cleansing my soul
Of sorrow and pain
The heaviness finally dispelling
I think I can breathe
Your presence still lingers
But no longer oppressive
Your warmth surrounds me
Even though you are gone.
So many pages have stains
Black streaks of running ink
From all the tears I've hidden.
As the seasons change so slowly
So life runs the same
I wish time would stop
So I could stay here forever
Lost in this happiness, this peace
That I have finally caught a glimpse of.
I still miss you, wish you were here
But you're not and life still spins
Weaving it's tangled webs around me
But at least now I can see.
This one was a hard one to write...hope you guys like it. 20th poetry deviation...The song lyrics don't really go with the poem, but I like them and wanted to incorporate the line "tangled webs within" in the poem. The song is Breaking by Anberlin.

Do you memorize theatrical lines
That seem to lead them in
Play the role with the good girl heart
Hide the tangled webs within
Who was it that lead you on
That made you want to hurt me so?
Who do you want to forget
That forgot you long ago?
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Do you still feel him
Calling in the act tonight?
Do you still feel him?
Seems like you've done this before.

Sorry, had to do it. XD But anyway, I love this song, and I love this poem, and it's very much fitting for my mood right now. Great work!
Bold-Firedrake May 8, 2009  Professional Photographer
Do you collect the souls you've lost
In the top of your dresser drawer
Count the number of tears displaced
On lonely bedroom floors

That's prbly my fav line from the whole song!
glad you like the piece!
I think the one you just posted has always been my favorite. I like the idea of collecting souls in your dresser drawer. . .XD
Bold-Firedrake May 8, 2009  Professional Photographer
yeah so do i.
it's certainly a very interesting idea. i love it
Oh, and also, your signature is my favorite line in Inevitable. XD

Geez, I sound like such a fangirl. . .XD
Bold-Firedrake May 9, 2009  Professional Photographer
lol. na you don't...we are both just rlly excited to find another Anberlin fan is

i love that line too...its so true too, isn't it? and it works both ways. it the ones that we love the most that hurt us the most, but its also the ones that we love the most that we hurt.
It's true! XD Although Anberlin is gaining some popularity, if you walk into an elevator and say "So, have you guys heard of Anberlin?" there's a good chance none of them will say "Oh my gosh, I love them!" The internet is a bigger elevator, though. . .XD

Yeah, I agree. I suppose it's kinda like the "higher the jump, harder the fall" effect. The more you love, the more you hurt. <.>
Bold-Firedrake May 9, 2009  Professional Photographer
elevator??? lol. sorry. just kind of struck me funny. but i seriously know what you're talking about...i talk to a *ton* of people through my job and other times too and almost *nobody* has ever heard of Anberlin.
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